City: Gas line pipe cracked, was not punctured or severed

NEW BERN - Emergency crews secured a gas leak on Neuse Blvd. in New Bern a few hours after a leak was reported.

The gas leak happened at 2828 Neuse Boulevard in front of the Craven County Health department in New Bern.  The first calls came in after 6:30 a.m. 

According to the City of New Bern, James L. Cayton Utilities, the contractor selected for the city's water main improvement project, was working in the area.  The city said the gas line is estimated to be nearly 40 years old, and when the contractor began moving heavy equipment over the surface and digging near the line, the vibrations underground jarred the gas line and cracked the pipe.  Officials said the line was not punctured or severed.

City officials said they will replace that part of the older gas line.

Neuse Boulevard was shut down from South Glenburnie Road to Karen Drive.   About 10 local businesses closed while crews worked to repair and contain the gas leak.  

There is no word yet as to how the gas leak started. 

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