City commercials win national awards

City commercials win national awards (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - For the first time ever, the City of Greenville has won two prestigious national awards for its public service announcements.

The City communication team won a SAVVY award and an Award of Excellence from the City / County Communications and Marketing Association (3CMA) for two of its videos promoting City projects.

The SAVVY is 3CMA's highest award and was given to "Citizens Academy Man" video. It was created to encourage people to join the Academy and learn how the city works and how they can get involved, according to Communications Manager/ Public Information Officer Steve Hawley.

The other video called "Wrestling a Hurricane" takes a campy approach to teaching people how to prepare for hurricanes.  The promotional video garnered an Award of Excellence from 3CMA, according to Hawley.

Hawley said the awards were heavily judged on how well the messages connected with the community.

"We came up with some good ideas that worked very well and it turns we won. And I'm so excited," said Hawley.

"My co-worker Brad said 'what are you going to do in a hurricane?' and instantly in my head popped cheesy 80's wrestling," said Communications Technician Jonathan Edwards.

Edwards, who portrays the wrestler in the Hurricane preparedness commercial, said sometimes to get someone's attention you have to use humor.

"You know just a slap stick. You have no idea what's coming until it hits and all of a sudden we're watching a hurricane preparedness commercial," Edwards said.

The city said the year before it made the PSA's, it had 6 people attending its citizen's academy. Afterwards, it had more than doubled its attendance.

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