Church members assess damage after Monday's fire

Oldest member shares her memories

Church members assess damage after Monday's fire

WASHINGTON, BEAUFORT COUNTY - Members of the First Christian Church in Washington are reflecting on Monday's fire at the church.

Officials say the fire broke out around 3:00 Monday afternoon at the church on E. 2nd Street in Washington.

"We've lost the place where we as a body assembled and worshiped together. But we're still the body," said Jane Worsley, who has been a member at the church for 55 years.

Many of the members fought to hold abck tears, but couldn't. Many of them have worshiped there for decades.

"I was raised here, baptized here, married here," said Davey Fulmer, who has worshiped there for 68 years.

None of the members have been there longer than 95-year-old Callaree Horton. Horton has been a member at the church since she was five years old.

Horton says she has some great, yet embarrassing memories there. For example, the first time she sang at the church, when she was five.

"When I was singing, the pins came out of my dress. And my dress fell off. I'll never forget that," said Horton.

Though she was trying to stay chipper, she couldn't help but remember what it was like when she first found out about the fire.

"Oh Lord, help us. Oh we need some. We need some help," Horton said.

Church leaders tell me the church is over 130 years old. They say half of the church is completely destroyed, while the other half is water and smoke damaged. They are waiting for an insurance adjuster to tell them the full extent.

Officials say the police called in the SBI, who then called in the ATF. They do not believe the fire is suspicious.

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