Child nearly drowns in retention pond

Boy falls into pond, saved by neighbor


A three-year-old boy is recovering after nearly drowning in a retention pond by his house.

Jayden Hampton-Dixon was playing by his condo in the Manning Forest subdivision in Greenville when he rolled down an embankment into the pond.

Jayden's mother, Jennifer, was in the house at the time. His brother and grandmother heard the boy screaming and called police. A neighbor entered the water and rescued the boy.

The family says CPR was performed on the boy.

He was taken to a Greenville hospital and released near midnight.

Family members said the whole thing could've been avoided if the pond had a fence around it.

Previous Story: A three-year-old child is in a Greenville hospital after nearly drowning in a retention pond, according to fire officials and people at the scene.

Greenville Fire & Rescue crews were called to the 1500 block of Manning Forest Drive shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday.

That's a condominium complex, off Williams Road near Greenville Boulevard.

People at the scene say the child was in a retention pond at the complex.

The child's family lives in the unit adjacent to the pond.

A man who identified himself as a homeowner at the complex said that residents have in the past requested a fence around the retention pond, but one has not been built.

A person who identified himself as the president of the homeowners' association declined any comment.

Fire officials say the child should be fine.


Andrew Liles contributed reporting.

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