Greenville police are seeing an uptick in crime these days.

“We've seen an increase in armed robberies. We've seen an increase in what are commonly called home invasions and also of people on the street,” Chief Hassan Aden said.

NewsChannel 12 requested the crime statistics for violent crimes in December 2012 and also December 2013.

In December 2012 there were 19 armed robberies which include home invasions. In December 2013 that number was to 25. That’s an increase of 6.

However, Chief Aden said all of the home invasions were targeted, including the most recent home invasion at College View Apartments earlier this week. He said 7 out of the 8 home invasions in December 2013 were drug related.

“You’re not at risk when you're sitting in your living room of having armed gunmen burst through and commit a home invasion robbery,” he said.

In the same time frame (December 1st-January 2nd), Aden said last year's shootings and serious attacks totaled 16. In 2013, it was up to 26.

Aden said homicides remained at 1 for both years.

According to the crime statistics, 62% of crimes aren't random.

78% of the random crimes that occurred against individuals happened when the victims were walking alone at night.

However, Chief Aden is not sitting back and just looking at statistics. He said he has a plan

“We’re going and we're fighting it toe to toe. We're making a lot of arrests,” he said.

Aden said the first step is to make it harder for people to rob convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

“Instead of finding a terrified clerk in there, they may find 2-3 heavily armed GPD officers that will take immediate action to stop that robbery and make an arrest,” Aden said.

Why is this necessary?

“It's to a point that it is so common, we need to curb that back,” he said.

Aden said step two involves changing the way the gang unit deals with Greenville’s gangs.

“They're going to get down to our hotspots, they're going to follow gang members around and life is not going to be fun,” he said.

If you want to take a look at GPD’s strategic plans for the next 2 years, you can get a copy of it online. It's available in English and Spanish.