Cherry Point Marine surprises son with homecoming

8-year-old boy didn't know Dad would come to school

Cherry Point Marine surprises son with homecoming

CRAVEN COUNTY - Sergeant Brandon Miller makes it home to the arms of his wife and little girl.  This is the end of his 3rd deployment, but during this joyous homecoming, there's a family member missing, Miller's little boy.

"I'm just going to walk in the classroom and surprise him," said Miller.

Hayden Adkins is a third grader at Graham A. Barden Elementary School in Havelock.  He has no idea Dad is coming home.

"My dad doesn't come home for another 30 days," said Adkins.

Teachers distract Hayden as Dad makes his move.  Miller walks up behind his son.  Adkins continues talking with is teacher.  He turns around and sees his dad standing next to him.  Adkins stares at Miller in the face, pauses a few seconds as if to process his dad is really next to him. 

"Hey, Dad," said Atkins.  He stands up and hugs Miller.  "Smile!" said Adkins and points to a camera, capturing every heart-warming moment.

The family of four is complete. 

"I'm just going to spend as much time as I can with my family while I'm here because the next deployment could be within the year, " said Miller.

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