Cherry Point demonstrates bomb-fighting robots

Cherry Point demonstrates bomb-fighting robots

MCAS Cherry Point, Craven County - MCAS Cherry Point showed off their bomb disposal robots in a demonstration Friday.
The robots are used by Cherry Point's Explosive Ordinance Division (EOD) to help find and get rid of bombs.

"They're used in anything that we don't feel comfortable walking up to," Gy. Sgt. Bernard Coyne said. "Usually with any suspicious package or suspicious vehicle, we'll drop the robot out right away."

The robots are controlled by an EOD technician who gets an "eye site" view through a camera attached to each machine.

"They do our job for us with us controlling them to keep us out of the danger area," Coyne said.

Cherry Point has three types of the robots that are each used in different situations. The team trains with the robots weekly, according to Coyne.

The robots are used overseas and locally. A robot was used in August 2012 to investigate a bomb threat at Carmike Cinemas in Havelock.

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