Charlotte receives letter about 2024 Olympic Games

CHARLOTTE - (WSOC)--It's the biggest event a city can host. Charlotte is on the list to possibly host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

"I've told you before that I think an Olympics could be in our future," said Mayor Anthony Foxx.

The U.S. Olympic Committee sent a letter to 35 cities. It's such a big undertaking, the letter asks if Charlotte is even interested.

"Absolutely, it's worth it, it would definitely be worth it, the money they would make would also help upgrade the city," said Jennifer Walters.

The letter, obtained by Eyewitness News, lays out strict requirements for the host city. Eyewitness News looked over the requirements to see if Charlotte would even qualify.

First: The host city would need 45,000 hotel rooms.

Tourism officials said the entire 16-county region only has 30,000 rooms and some of those are questionable. During the Democratic National Convention, Eyewitness News reported some dignitaries complained about unsafe and unsanitary rooms.

Second requirement is a major international airport and Charlotte Douglas is the sixth-busiest airport in the world.

The next big issue is sports venues. The city is requesting a tax hike to rebuild Bank of America Stadium. There are also two world-class facilities -- the U.S. Whitewater Center and the Aquatics Center.

Also required of a host city is public transportation. The city is currently trying to expand both light rail and the streetcar project.

Two requirements that could help unemployment issues: The city would have to build an Olympic Village to house 16,500 athletes and would need a workforce of at least 200,000.

The cities who received letters were as follows: Phoenix; San Jose, Calif.; Los Angeles; Sacramento; San Diego; San Francisco; Denver; Washington; Jacksonville, Fla.; Orlando, Fla.; Miami; Atlanta; Chicago; Indianapolis; Baltimore; Detroit; Minneapolis; St. Louis; Las Vegas; New York; Boston; Rochester; Charlotte, N.C.; Columbus, Ohio; Tulsa, Okla.; Portland, Ore.; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Memphis; Nashville and Davidson County; Austin, Tex.; Dallas; Houston; San Antonio; and Seattle.

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