Chantal downgraded, no longer a tropical storm

EASTERN CAROLINA - Chantal has lost its closed center of circulation and thus becomes the remnant of "Tropical Storm Chantal" late this Wednesday afternoon. The remnants are still accompanied by a large area of disturbed weather and strong winds. Even though Chantal has degenerated into a wave…the threat for heavy rain will continue for another day or two. This rainy windy weather will spread over eastern Cuba and Jamaica tonight and early Thursday. Computer forecast models then show the remnants moving into the northwestern Bahamas and near the east coast of the Florida peninsula in a couple of days.

The global forecast models are showing strong wind shear in the area of the western Caribbean…Cuba and Florida where the remnants of Chantal are headed. This will probably keep Chantal from re-development. Nevertheless…this disturbance will continue to be monitored for any signs of re-development.

Whether any remnants from Chantal make it to eastern North Carolina we are still tracking a rain making cold front that arrives late Thursday and alerting you to the danger of more periods of heavy rain late Thursday through Friday and possibly into Saturday. 2 to 4 inches of rain (possibly more in places where storms run one right behind the other over the same spots) is anticipated. Creeks and rivers in eastern North Carolina are running at or near bank full and the ground is generally pretty water-logged so more heavy rain fall will not be a good thing for eastern North Carolina.

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