Fisherman talks about close encounter with possible great white shark

POSTED: 6:10 PM Apr 25 2013   UPDATED: 1:02 AM Apr 26 2013

A Carteret County fisherman talked with NewsChannel 12 about his close encounter with what he believed was a great white shark.

"A few other smaller sharks, tiger sharks, were with it. But that was obviously the grand daddy," said Alan Scibal, who recorded the possible great white shark on his iPhone camera while he was on the "Sensation" charter boat.

Scibal and his crew were working with Duke University Marine Lab on Wednesday, when they stumbled upon the 15-foot-long shark off the Bogue Inlet. Scibal said the big fish was feasting on what looked like a dead humpback whale.

Scibal said he estimates the shark to be about 2,000 pounds. That's more than double the weight of the biggest blue marlin he has ever pulled in. Scibal said the shark was a sight he will never forget.

"It was very impressive- it was something I've always wanted to see [while] working on the water," said Scibal.