Cat colony faces uncertain future


CAPE CARTERET - Some animal lovers in Carteret County are trying to rescue a colony of about 30 cats.

The cats are in danger of losing their home to growth into the wooded area they live in, in Cape Carteret.

"We've got another place we can go with them. It's going to take some construction and some fencing," Joel Taylor said. Taylor has been helping the cats for about 3 years.

Most of the cats are strays, but Taylor says there are a lot of people who drop their cats off in the area. It becomes a problem because people often dump pregnant cats, which are more difficult to deal with and also cause an overpopulation.

The people who tend to the cat colony frequently trap and spay or neuter the cats to keep them from reproducing.

Taylor wouldn't release the location of the new colony, but is still worried how they are going to pay for the area.

To help cats in the Carteret County area, call Island Cats at (252) 354-7780.

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