Carteret County prepares for Sandy

Beaufort - Emergency services officials in Carteret County spent Friday equipping several small fire departments for Hurricane Sandy.

The eastern portion of the county is expected to receive heavy rains and flooding. Officials are worried that could cut some communities off from the rest of the county.

"Cedar Island, for example, is right off of Highway 12," Jo Ann Spencer, emergency services director for Carteret County said. "We're looking at some possible flooding across that roadway so it could be that Harker's island could be isolated from everyone."

Eastern Carteret is expected to see 3 to 5 foot storm surges. Officials are urging residents to prepare to survive 72 hours without access to food, water, or power.

Boaters in the area are also hunkering down, preparing for the storm. Brian Tracey owns a sailboat. He was traveling through the area towards Charleston when word of the storm forced him into port at Morehead City.

"Normally we wouldn't pull in at all, we'd be there by now," Tracey said. "It's better to be safe than sorry, we could've stretched it and tried to make it down."

A shelter will be open in Carteret County tomorrow. The shelter Atlantic Elementary School will open at 6:00 p.m. Residents are asked to bring their own shelter kits with personal and necessities.

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