Carteret County Kids Get To The Root Of Cosmetology Profession

CARTERET COUNTY - A group of young girls aren't splitting hairs.  They are learning how to be stylists at a unique summer camp that takes a little off the top but builds volume and experience.  Thirteen-year-old, Tiffani Petrawski does Ayanni Jones's hair.

"I just love people's hair.  I think someone's head is a work of art," said Petrawski.

Some kids are in Carteret Community College's Hair Camp getting to the roots of the profession.  Many of the girls started off just like cosmetology student, Molly Hutnick.

"If I could go back in time and go into my room, there would be trolls and Barbies that were bald.  I was interested, not in destroying things, but trying to style things," said Hutnick.

More than 30 young girls get to learn about hair, makeup, massage and scalp treatments.

"There's no telling what they're going to know.  They'll probably be better than me," said Hutnick.

This is not wash and rinse class.  The girls practice on mannequins to learn how to cut and roll.  They have their camp mates to practice makeup and scalp treatments.

"We might learn how to color which I'm very excited about," said Petrawski.

It's a day to dye for for these stylists.


A scalp treatment is where the stylists puts cholesterol on your scalp to relieve stress, moisturize and promote hair growth. 

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