Carolina Forest 'puts a lid' on bullying

Inside Out Program gives kids a a reason to smile

Carolina Forest 'puts a lid' on bullying

ONSLOW COUNTY - Carolina Forest Elementary School is letting their students wear hats for a good cause.  It's Anti-Bullying Week. Tuesday is "Put a Lid on Bullying" Day.

At the end of the week, ten students will be awarded free photo shoots.  It's all part of the local studio's inside-out program against bullying. Leslie Seas of Dyal Photography says it all starts with a smile.

"It really makes them feel confident in who they are and what they are.  I think the more confident they are on the inside, they will more than likely do the right thing," said Seas.

According to, direct physical bullying increases in elementary school.  That's why staff and students are putting a lid on it now.

"Some people would say I just have to deal with the fact that people don't like me and they are bullying me.  I just think that's not true because we really cold put a stop to this," said Madison Raimer a 5th grader.

Students and teachers are taught to recognize the physical signs of bullying, but there is cyber-bullying that lives on the internet.

"The things like Facebook, sending messages and text messages can take it to a whole other level," said Helen Gross, principal of CFES.

More statistics show that 42 percent of children have bullied online. So victims and bystanders are encouraged to stand up.

If you would like more information or would like the Inside-Out Program to come to your school you may click on these links.

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