Cape Lookout school optimistic about board recommendation

School in session despite charter loss

Morehead City - Cape Lookout Maritime High School faces the state board of education today.

The school is trying to have its charter renewed and funding restored for the school.

Staff has been working for free at the school which has about 70 enrolled students.

The school works with at risk teens in Morehead City. Barbara Johnson with the school's board says she is optimistic the school will retain a charter.

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Staff and students at Cape Lookout Maritime School attended school as usual for the first week of the fall semester. However, all is not well in the halls of the school.

Faculty are not sure how the school is going to pay its bills. The State Board of Education decided not to renew the charter for the school, citing financial problems as a contributing factor in the decision.

The high school uses small class sizes and a one-on-one teaching style to benefit at risk youth, kids who don't like large class sizes, or those that need tutors to learn.

"If you have a class of 15 kids, you can [teach] every child," Principal Teresa Parker said. Teens at the school don't want to go somewhere else. "It was either help them, or let them drop out."

A judge is allowing the school to operate business as usual. However, the school is receiving no funds from the Board of Education.

"It's not just about the teachers and their pay. It's about our education." Ciara Heuser said. Heuser is in her senior year at the school. "We chose to be here. It's not like we were made to be here and can't go anywhere else. I chose to come here."

Heuser said the school is her motivation to attend college.

The school is appealing the decision to not be funded.

The judge who is allowing the school to stay in session is not as optimistic about the school getting its charter back.

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