Candidates Fight for District 12

KINSTON, RIVERBEND - In State House District 12, it's Democrat George Graham against Republican Jim Dancy.  The district comprises three counties: Craven, Greene and Lenoir. The men are running for the seat vacated when state representative William Wainwright died of cancer in July.

 "Im feeling excited "said Dancy. "I'm not anxious and I'm not nervous I just feel like we had a good campaign. Feels like after a hard year of campaigning, meeting people, and three counties, really building relationships. It's coming to a climax, hopefully the numbers add up."

 "I feel optimistic I feel that we worked hard we've done a good job, we've tried to touch all bases. I feel very positive," said Graham.

 Dancy shared his key focus issues, which include poverty, family strength, and education. While Graham's key issues focus on employment, economic development, and agriculture.

Current Lenoir County Commissioner George also expressed confidence in election results.

 "I'm so excited about having the opportunity, said Graham. " I just can't wait to step out and provide solid leadership."

Both candidates say they plan to hit as many as 40 precincts within the district on Election Day.

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