Candidates face off for open House seat

Candidates face off for open House seat

Democratic candidate Jim "Babe" Hardison and Republican John Bell are battling for the N.C. House District 10 seat, which covers parts of Lenoir, Greene, Wayne and Craven Counties.

The seat was previously held by Stephen LaRoque, who was federally charged in July for using grant money to buy personal items. LaRoque resigned from the seat August 1st.

Candidates Hardison and Bell said why they are the right candidate for the job.

"I served in the military and fought for all of us to have this opportunity to vote and I appreciate the support," Hardison said.

"We need people that are going to stand up and fight for Eastern North Carolina, and that's what I plan on doing," Bell said.

Hardison and Bell both said they plan to campaign until voting polls close Tuesday evening.

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