Cancer Survivor Speaks Out Against Lejeune Water Bill

Cancer Survivor Speaks

JACKSONVILLE - A local woman affected by contaminated water at Camp Lejeune is speaking out after a bill to help the victims is passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The bill would provide health care to victims sickened by contaminated water at the base from 1957 to 1987.

"I think it's a slap in the face to every one of us," Tammy Prisner, a victim of the contamination, said. "It's not going to do anything for the people that have already lost their loved ones. It's not going to do anything for people like me that can't even bare a child."

Prisner was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer in 1995, when she was 21 years old. Doctors said it was caused by the contamination at Camp Lejeune.  Doctors removed both of her ovaries during treatment, making her infertile.  

"I will never know the love of a child, she said." "I will never be given a chance."

Prisner grew up at the air station near Lejeune, where her father was a Marine.

"It's just hard to watch your daughter go through that," Jim Willard, her father, said. "Knowing you can'thelp, and it could've all been prevented."

Prisner is one of as many as a million people exposed to the contaminated drinking water. She has been in remission for 16 years, but said she's reminded of her sickness everyday.

"You walk by and you see a pregnant woman, or you walk by and see a beautiful new baby, and you think 'maybe,'" she said. "But I don't even have that choice. I don't have that option.  

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