Camp Lejeune Suspends Decision to Cut Back Visitor's Center Hours

CAMP LEJEUNE - Camp Lejeune suspends a decision to cut back on hours at its visitor's center. Base officials originally announced Thursday that hours would be reduced from 24 hours a day to 12 1/2 hours a day, and it would be closed on weekends.

Nat Fahy, Camp Lejeune's Director of Public Affairs, said the reduction in hours "has been suspended indefinitely to allow for further refinement, socialization and trial to ensure Camp Lejeune is supported as efficiently as possible. Until further notice, the Visitor Center will continue 24/7 operations."

Earlier Thursday, Fahy released a statement saying the base would cut visitor's center hours from 24 hours a day to 5:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, and that the center would be closed on weekends.  This was scheduled to begin on Monday, July 30th.

The change in times was said to be an effort to increase efficiency and decrease spending.

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