Camp Lejeune Marine helps rescue assaulted neighbor

Marine, wife help rescue assaulted Jacksonville woman

JACKSONVILLE - A Camp Lejeune Marine and his wife helped rescue a neighbor after she was assaulted in her home. Police said the incident happened in the Carolina Forest neighborhood in Jacksonville on September 11th. 

"She was screaming really, really loud," said Brandy Keller.  Brandy, and her husband, Cpl. Edward Keller, were woken by cries from the assaulted woman shortly after 1a.m.

Cpl. Keller, a military policeman with 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion, rushed outside to help the unidentified woman.  Once there, Cpl. Keller found neighbor Briana Murphy bleeding from an eye injury. 

"She was curled up in the grass, she told me that somebody came and attacked her in her house," said Cpl. Keller.  Immediately, Cpl. Keller called 911 and began to treat Murphy's wound.

Murphy said that she had knocked on many doors before someone came to her aid. Murphy, who received nearly 20 stitches for her eye injury, said she is sharing her story now to encourage other women to be extra cautious.  She said this has been a life-altering experience.  

The September night was like any other, according to Murphy.  "Then, I heard someone come through my room and like shake me," she said. 

Murphy jumped up from her bed. 

"When he hit me, my face turned and I could see that my door was open," the petite young woman said.  "I ran out the door and I didn't look back, I just kept on running," said Murphy.

On September 15, Jacksonville Police arrested Willie Jermel-Abner Brown for the crimes of burglary, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, 4 counts of obtaining property under false pretenses, and felony possession of stolen property.

Brandy said that she, and others in the neighborhood, have began to lock their doors and turn on their security alarms.  "I'm very proud of my husband," she said.

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