Business owners frustrated over breakins

It's deja-vu all over again for a local business broken into for a third time. The windows of Savage's Wood-Burning Pizzeria on Trent Road were busted out around 5 AM Saturday.

Thieves previously broke into the restaurant on September 23 and November 9. Each time a brick was thrown into the buildings side door. Owner Doug Savage says he's happy nothing was taken, but is tired of having to clean up broken glass.

 Savages is not the only target in the busy area. The owner of Spikes Pawn Shop says someone tried to break into his business less than a week ago.


He and other business owners like Ali Smith and Mary St. Clair are fed up with the lack of answers.


"I feel like they're targeting Trent roads," Said Smith owner of Alismith Cake Design." So why aren't we as a community and police targeting Trent road also."


"I'm a little concern about how the police are handling this," added Clair. "I think what we need to be doing is sitting in here with maybe in the chair with a shot gun and saying hi ya'll, when they show up because this is getting ridiculous."

 Only two businesses in the complex have been broken into. Savages has been hit three times, while Spike's Pawnshop, six times. Since then no arrests have been made.

Channel 12 reached out to the complex land lord and the New Bern police but were not able to get a call back.

Back in November, the New Bern Police department said they would increase patrol units in the area.

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