Bulldogs bully bear off NH yard

NEW HAMPSHIRE - A pair of bulldogs guarded more than just their bones in a New Hampshire yard. A YouTube video shows them chasing away a large bear.

YouTube user "Cue Foils" uploaded the video (embeded below) with the following description:

"Our Bulldogs actually broke through the railings on our farmer's porch to confront our guest! One might say this bear is the world's the most, mild-mannered black bear ever confronted."

The video shows the bear slowly moving across the yard when two bulldogs begin barking from off-camera. When the bear stands upright to inspect a bird feeder, the two bulldogs charge at the bear and surround it. After a brief stare down, the dogs jump and bark at the bear, chasing it until it flees the property.

The video is used with permission from Jukin Video.


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