Budget cuts leave the future of a local animal shelter uncertain

Budget cuts leave the future one of animal shelter uncertain

GREENE COUNTY -  The Greene County budget cuts have the local animal shelter struggling to keep its facility running.

From broken dog cages and cracks in the foundation to rust on the cages and drainage issues, the shelter has many problems.

Randy Hawkins has worked for Greene County Animal Shelter for over four years. He said he loves working with the animals but it's hard under these conditions.

 "It's a constant struggle. The issues we've got as far as these blocks and stuff behind me, it can be dangerous at times especially if it is a little icy in the morning," said Hawkins.

Last week an inspector came out to check out the facility and found a number of violations.

Michael Rhodes is the Director of Greene County Health Department. He said the department's budget was cut about $48,000 and $13,000 of that came from animal control.

"If we maintain full capacity with the animals we really don't know if we'll have enough funding for supplies," said Rhodes.

Rhodes said the facility did receive a $2,000 grant from ASPCA. He said he plans to stretch the grant as far as he can to repair the facility.

"Right now we are in the disapprove category and we want to be the approve category," he said.

Although the facility has its problems, Rhodes said shutting down is not an option.

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