Brothers rebuild school house from the 1800's

Brothers rebuild school house from the 1800's

SWANSBORO, ONSLOW COUNTY - Two brothers, Norman and Bobby Wells spent more than 15 years working to restore a one room school house from the 1800's.

The brothers rebuilt Morton's Academy in Swansboro to its original state. Their grand parents, aunt, and uncle attended the school in the 1900's.

All of the material used to rebuild the school house come from the late 1800's. Bobby said its been a 'labor of love' and 'love of labor' rebuilding this school.

"The older people will like it, but I really hope the kids will like it and learn something from it," Bobby said.

Norman said in 1996 the school house was at risk of being torn down. That's when the brothers decided to move the school on their property and rebuild it.

The one room school house was open from the late 1880's to the 1920's.

"It was pretty decayed. We had to do a lot of repairs before we started restoration," Norman said.

The school house will be open to the public Saturday as part of Swansboro's Historic Homes Tour. The school house will officially open to the public at a dedication ceremony on May 3rd .

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