Brother of Slain Mom, Lynn Jackenheimer, Speaks Out

Shaun Jackenheimer, Reacts to His Sister's Murder

FRISCO - The brother of slain Ohio mother Lynn Jackenheimer told NewsChannel 12 a void is tearing through him, as his family struggles to understand a senseless killing.

"Just, the well's run dry. It's hard to even express emotions anymore," Shaun Jackenheimer said. "Instead it's turning into anger."

Lynn Jackenheimer's body was found in the Outer Banks over the weekend. An arrest warrant was issued Monday night for Jackenheimer's ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old Nate Summerfield.

"I want to see this dude suffer the way, the way my sister did," Shaun Jackenheimer said. "Not even really suffer, just... Justice."

A construction worker discovered Lynn Jackenheimer's body in a trash bag in a wooded area of Frisco on July 14th. Her cause of death had not been determined. Jackenheimer's brother said he was certain Summerfield was responsible.

"I guess it takes a sick individual to do something like this," Shaun said. "And, have no remorse for doing this to his own son, you know? How could you do that to somebody who birthed your child? It's beyond me."

Jackenheimer had been missing since July 4th. The 33-year-old Ashland, Ohio resident was vacationing in the Outer Banks with her two children and Summerfield. He had not been seen since he dropped the two kids off with family members in Ohio more than a week ago.

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