Broad Creek Middle retires students' jersey after fatal skateboarding accident

Broad Creek Middle retires students' jersey after fatal skateboarding accident

CARTERET COUNTY - Broad Creek Middle School held "Do It For Drew Day" on Wednesday, in memory of one of its students.

Andrew "Drew" Hughes, 13, of Emerald Isle was in a skateboarding accident in June of this year. Drew was skateboarding in his neighborhood when he fell and hit his head, and wasn't wearing a helmet. He later died from his injuries.

At Wednesday night's game the school honored Drew and his family by retiring his football jersey, number 56. Drew's  parents, two brothers and grandfather accepted the jersey.

Drew's father, David said he's proud of his son and the lives he touched.

"It's only a middle school and retiring someone's jersey, it's kind of a big deal. It means he meant a whole lot to a lot of people," David said.

Drew's mother Kimberly said  the family is truly touched by the amount of support they've received from the community.

"Knowing how much of an impact he made on all of these people, and continues to make an impact, that makes us really proud," Kimberly said.

Drew's oldest brother, Brewer said his brother was one of kind.

"I think it's awesome what they are all doing for Drew, but I'd give anything to see him out there on that field playing," Brewer said.

The school also presented the family with a frame of all the pictures Drew took at Broad Creek Middle School. In the center of the frame a plaque read "Always A Bulldog."

"People live their entire life trying to make an impact or leave their mark, but Drew left his mark and as his brother I feel honored to be his brother," Brewer said.      

On Wednesday students wore their bike helmets to school and donated $1 to buy helmets for people who can't afford them. School officials said it's all a part of promoting safety, as they honor the memory of one of their own.

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