Boy scouts help as Northeast gets smacked with snow

New ways to help Sandy victims

Pamlico County - New England has had a rough fall. First Sandy, now a wicked Nor'easter. The American Red Cross has sent over 6,000 volunteers into areas with billions of dollars of damage. Chief Executive Officer Joy Brahnam says some families have lost their homes completely.

"People who are going through the rubble out by the road where they used to live and they're searching for momentos, heirlooms, things that they can salvage," said Brahnam.

Boy Scout Troop 683 Leader Richard May has been helping to establish drop-off locations for the public to donate non-perishable food, water, and clothing to Sandy victims.

"Right now we've got the fire departments and the rescue squad in Pamlico County as drop off locations for the public," said May.

In addition to the fire stations, drop off locations include the Bayboro Pharmacy, the Pamlico County Library, the Arapahoe Charter School, the Pamlico Christian Academy, all Pamlico County schools, and the Pamlico County Rescue Squad.

"Our unit commissioner was in touch with a Boy Scout troop in New Jersey, and they gave us a list of stuff they could use," said May.

Among the things needed are Boy Scout uniforms. Several boys in the New Jersey troop lost their scout outfits to Sandy.

This Saturday, there will be a Veterans Day Parade in Bayboro. Troop 683 will be in the parade.

"Our scouts will have a trailer riding on through the parade. when they see the scout trailer come by, walk up, we'll stop, we'll load the trailer up with that stuff during the parade," said May.

The main thing the scouts are asking for in the parade is non-perishable food items.

The Red Cross is also continuing to help the Northeastern Sea Board. As of Tuesday, the organization has served over 3 million hot meals and sent over 6,000 volunteers. Over 37 of those volunteers are from eastern Carolina.

The Red Cross is asking for monetary donations to bring aid to hard-hit areas. Organizers say, they will be in the disaster areas for weeks. Red Cross Chief Executive Officer Joy Branham says this is the biggest response by the Red Cross in five years.

To donate to the Red Cross, click the "Donate Here" button on our main page. For more information Troop 683 contact David Gaskins at 252-249-2364, or Richard May 252-675-2998.


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