Boy runs last play at ECU spring game

8 year old Noah Roberts is sick with cancer

Boy runs last play at ECU spring game

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - There were some big plays at this year's East Carolina University spring football game. But the loudest cheers came on the last play, when 8 year old Noah Roberts raced to the endzone.

Noah is sick with cancer. He's been a huge ECU fan since his older sister started going to school there.

He's been a part of the team for a couple years now. His battle inspires players and coaches. Today, they got a chance to lift him up.

"He came out about two years ago and wasn't doing too well and it was good to see him out here now still and you know it was a cool experience for him and us," said Junior Linebacker Jeremy Grove. Head coach Ruffin McNeill said when he thinks of Noah he forgets "any hurt, or complaint, or pain that I may have. You can see how the kids reacted to Noah so that tells you what Noah means to us."

Noah has to go to the hospital on Sunday. "He has been so upset about going back to the hospital tomorrow," said Noah's mother, Lisa Roberts, "when he found out about this it just lifted his spirits he was so happy it's given him something to look forward to the past few days."

Afterward, players were almost as happy about it as Noah himself. "That was awesome man," said Junior Wide Receiver Danny Webster, "I mean that's, that's a, I mean I wanna tear up watching it. That's the most, that's awesome I mean I can't even say anything else."

Junior Quarterback Shane Carden said, "You kinda get chills in moments like that. It's just it's really nice to just be able to be a part of that be a part of that with Noah and be able to do that for him with the whole team around him. It was a special moment."

Coach McNeill signed a ball for Noah after the game. It's something that, like the memory of the play, will stick with Noah for the rest of his life.

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