BOY BANDemia makes third health related music video

ECU students turn a rap song into educational parody

BOY BANDemia makes third health related music video

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - In 2012, Governor Bev Perdue signed a bill that requires high school students to become CPR certified in order to graduate.  Now, three physician assistant students at ECU are making CPR lessons a little more interesting by turning the topic into a music video.

Joe Bartholomew, Sean Russell and Adam Rhodes are all physician assistant students who make up BOY BANDemia.  It all started in 2012, when the group took the Backstreet Boys' approach to anti-smoking and obesity.

In their latest project, BOY BANDemia used Flo Rida's 2008 single, "Get Low," to teach students what to do if someone goes into cardiac arrest.

"It could happen at the mall or at your house. You never know when somebody is going to drop, and you need to know what to do," said Russell.

This is a new music genre for the boy band.

"I never thought of myself as a rapper.  I still don't," said Bartholomew.

Like most rap groups, BOY BANDemia features another artist.  In the video, fellow physician assistant student, Mary Holman, known as AEDiva, makes an appearance.

"The whole idea behind this project is that if you can learn a song, you can save a life.  That's great.  It's just so simple," said Holman.

The group submitted their video for an award called the Medical Emmys, or "Memmys."

"The winner of the Memmys gets $2500 donated to their library. We figured that would be a great contest so we would be able to give back to the school that has given us so much," said Russell.

The students are now in clinicals for their degrees. But time limitations do not keep BOY BANDemia from moving forward with their next music video.

"[It's] about the most common sports injuries, and how to treat them.  We're using Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," [but] instead, we are saying "Ice Ice Daily", said Rhodes.

The students will be graduating in December of 2013.  If the health care industry does not work out for them, maybe the entertainment industry will.

Here's are links to all three BOY BANDemia videos.

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