Bomb Suspect Mother: Our Family Is Afraid of My Daughter

Local Woman Faces V.A. Bomb Threat Charges

0809 Bomb Suspect Mom Video

REELSBORO - The mother of a Pamlico County woman charged with threatening to blow up a Norfolk area pier said her daughter is dangerous, and suffers from a split personality disorder.

Julie Ireland, 47, was arrested Wednesday, after police said she threatened to destroy a pier with powerful C4 explosives. Officers first ticketed Ireland at the Newport News, Va. pier in the morning for stealing scrap metal from fishing boats.

According to a police statement, Ireland then went to the city's Community Services Board to complain about the ticket. She became irate, and then told employees she would blow up the Newport News City Pier.

Officers found Ireland sleeping in King-Lincoln Park within the city hours later, where she was arrested.

In an interview Thursday, the suspect's mother, Peggy Ireland, said her daughter sometimes believes she is a Navy S.E.A.L., and is frightening because of her personality disorder.

"She's mentally sick. She has two personalities," Ireland said. "She doesn't believe it, but she's mentally sick."

Ireland said her daughter could have never obtained C4 explosives, but she is still dangerous.

"She's tried to find my gun to kill me," Ireland said. "The law came and took her out."

The 47-year-old was admitted to Cherry Psychiatric Hospital in Goldsboro following the confrontation with her mother. She was released, and her whereabouts were unknown until the bomb threat.

As she looked at faded pictures of Julie, Ireland said she hasn't seen her daughter for months. She does not plan on bailing her out of jail, and said if Julie is allowed to come back home, she will fear for her life.

"They need to put her in [the hospital] and keep her until she shows different in her life," Ireland said. "She's getting worse instead of better."

The Pamlico County native remains behind bars in Virgina. Her mother had a simple message for Julie.

"I would say to her that I love you very much. I love you and I'm sorry your life is like it is."

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