Boaters rally against the government shutdown on the shores of a national park

Boaters rally against the government shutdown on the shores of a national park

CARTERET COUNTY -  Carteret county locals rallied on boats Saturday morning against the shutdown of National Parks. The group anchored their boats on the shores of Shackleford Bank in a "shack attack" protest.

Shackleford Bank, south of Harkers Island, is home to more than 200 wild horses. Saturday, the park's dock had a sign that said the park was closed due to the government shutdown. The dock also had a no trespassing sign.

Organizer of the rally, Captain Monty Poling, said the government shutdown should not affect national parks.

"They claim that they have the right to not allow people on these islands. Well we as the taxpayers, the people that pay for these islands disagree with that. There are no gates out here. There are no doors out here. This is land that has been out here since the beginning of time, and I don't understand how the federal government feels that they can shut this down," Poling said.

Captain Poling said the closed national parks in the area are hurting Carteret Counties economy.

"It's affecting the tourism industry in Carteret County. Its affecting the families of ferry boat captains. It's also affecting the individual charter businesses," Poling said.

Poling said the national parks represent millions of dollars to the counties tourism industry.

    Currently, there are 12 National Parks open in the nation. These national parks are being funded through donations. North Carolina does not have any open National Parks.


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