Boat Crashes Into Boat, Ends Up On Dock

Boat Crashes Into Boat, Ends Up On Dock

WASHINGTON - Two boats are damaged in a weekend boating accident.
It happened in Beaufort County early Sunday morning.

Neighbors said one boat drove into another's dock. That dock is located at a home in River Acres in Washington.

The owner there had no comment on the accident, but neighbors said it was a couple who live nearby who were driving the boat.

"I happened to walk outside to put the top up on my boat and all the sudden I looked over and I said wow," neighbor Harold Byrd said.

Byrd said he was asleep when the accident happened, but woke up from the noise.
"It sounded like a muddled explosion."

Neighbors said no one was seriously injured.

According to the Beaufort County Sheriff's office, State Wildlife Resources officers investigated the incident.

Calls to that office have not been returned.

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