Black Friday lines already starting

Black Friday lines already starting

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Some people say it's never too early to get in line for a sale.

Robert Prine is one of them.

"Their just jealous," Prine says. "They can't afford to do this, sit around and enjoy their time off. And be able to accomplish something as well."

Prine is the first customer to form a line outside of the Best Buy store in Jacksonville. He's been there since Wednesday, and doesn't plan to leave until Black Friday.

He's waiting in line for what he says is the best Black Friday sale this year. A Samsung television the store's marked down for 1,600 dollars.

"I'm sitting out here for eight days. That's 200 dollars a day I'm saving by just sitting here."

Prine says he took off work just to be able to camp out in front of the store.

He has a tent and portable heater to make his stay more comfortable. 

Others also joined Prine in camping outside of store on Thursday, but those people only plan to be out there for only a few hours. The store it releasing the newest Xbox at midnight. Prine plans to purchase the Xbox and then get back in line.

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