Black Friday frenzy starts early for local shoppers

Hundreds line up Thursday night for holiday deals

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For eager shoppers who couldn't wait until Black Friday to get holiday deals, several popular stores opened its doors on Thursday, and local shoppers came in droves.

Toys and electronics were the must-haves for shoppers at the New Bern Walmart, which started its Black Friday deals at 8 p.m. Thursday. Some said they rushed to the Home Living isle, just to be the first to save $50 on a 51-inch plasma T.V.

But they weren't alone. One man said he cooked the family turkey, then rushed to Walmart without eating, just to be number two in line.

However, not everyone was out to be the first few in line. Lindsay Ellis was overcome with emotion, sharing that she and her kids skipped dinner just to get a T.V for dad, who is a U.S. Marine.

"We're out here trying to buy a T.V. for my husband, because he deserves it," Ellis said. "He goes out of his way for us. No matter what it is. just to get us things."

The shopping frenzy continued around the corner at Target Thursday night, where more than a hundred eager customers lined the sidewalks. In Jacksonville, it was the same scene outside Best Buy, which opened its doors at midnight, Friday.

"Two hours before opening, we give you a ticket for what you're looking for," said Tim Hutchens, the store manager at Best Buy. "With that ticket, you're guaranteed a product."

According to Hutchens, those tickets helped get close to 1,000 customers in and out of Best Buy in 45 minutes.

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