Black bear destroys property, smashes car window

Residents are left in fear

Bear destroys property leaving residents in fear (Reporter: Michael Hennessey)

COLUMBIA, TYRRELL COUNTY - Officials say a 250-300 pound black bear is responsible for smashing the window of a town vehicle at a residence.

It happened at the home of Charlie Mae Spruill and her husband on Old US-64 in Columbia.

Deputies say they first learned of the bear Saturday when it ripped off the hubcap of a car and tore through some garbage. The bear returned Sunday, putting its paw through a window of Mr. Spruill's car, which was a Nags Head town vehicle.

Tyrrell County Sheriff Darryl Liverman responded, snapping some pictures of the damage. "Bear paw prints all down the side of the car and the bear actually took his paw and broke the drivers side front window out," said Liverman.

"I am really scared myself, I'm scared to even go outside," said Mrs. Spruill. ""He's just apt to break the windows out of my living room and come inside the house."

Liverman says bears are prominent in Tyrrell County. He and his deputies are asking that people refrain from putting food outside, even in trash cans.

He also recommends taking extra precautions with ordinary trash. "Put like ammonia or bleach, pour some of that in there and that smell may deter 'em," said Liverman of garbage cans placed outside.

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