Bingo hall murder victim's family speaks out

Bingo hall murder victim's family speaks out

Jacksonville, Onslow County - NewsChannel 12 spoke exclusively with Kim Flournoy's daughter.

Flournoy was found shot and killed outside TNT Beach Bingo hall in Jacksonville on December 30, 2012.

Police arrested 21-year-old Larry Forrest on Tuesday and charged him with an open count of murder.

Authorities were able to link him to the murder through surveillance video.

Kim Flournoy DiJoseph said time stopped the night her mother was murdered. Now, nearly four months later she said she is still grappling with the fact that her mother is gone.

"I think it has been up and down, it comes in waves. You know a little thing that I'll see or something my son will do and I'll catch myself forgetting that she is dead and thinking 'Oh, she would love to see this,'" DiJoseph said.

On Wednesday, the 21 year old Camp Lejeune marine charged in the murder faced a judge for the first time.

DiJoseph was sitting inside the courtroom as Forrest walked in.

"I think there was a certain sense of ease. That, um, kind of a sense of calm, which was kind of the opposite of what I thought it would be like," she said.

And while police continue to search for two more possible suspects, DiJoseph said all she can do is trust the process and wait.

"It's not over. Again, this is just a different phase in all of it," she said.

DiJoseph said she is thankful for all of the community support.

"Both my brother and I left Jacksonville a long time ago but it's always been our hometown. And so to get that level of support a place that we grew up in has been really amazing," she said.

There's still a $25,000 reward offered for anyone with information that leads to an arrest of those other two possible suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Jacksonville Police Department.

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