Beulaville police chief reflects on career before retirement

Beulaville police chief reflects on career before retirement

BEULAVILLE, DUPLIN COUNTY - With Beulaville Police Chief Joey Carter set to retire on Aug. 1, he took a stroll down memory lane Friday to reflect on his career.

Chief Carter has been serving the town of Beulaville since 1982. He said police work can be a thankless job sometimes. But it's worth the times when people remember the efforts he made to help them.

"To see people happy, and to see items returned to them that were family heirlooms, I mean, that's rewarding too and to maybe see that one child that you maybe saved from the drugs, you know, that turned their life around-- that's the most rewarding part over the years," said Carter. "People are coming up to me now and thanking me for what I've done."

Chief Carter listed some of the major cases he has worked over the years:

1. June 29, 1989: Police searched for missing man Harry Bratcher. But his body was never found.

2. July 27, 2001: Operation Street Sweeper was a roundup of drug dealers.

3. July 1, 2006: Police investigated an armed robbery involving the MS-13 gang. Five people were arrested.

4. April 29, 2013: Operation Spring Clean of prescription medications. More than 100
charges were filed.

5. April 26, 2010: Domestic violence murder of Beverly Knowles, who worked at the
IGA in Beulaville.

6. Feb. 5, 2013: Max Turner allegedly shot Jamie Fountain in the heart.  Turner's attorney said his client killed Fountain out of love for his wife and not hatred for the victim, acknowledging an affair between Fountain and Turner's wife.

7. Jan. 7, 2014: Armed robbery of the Beulaville Pharmacy. Chief Carter ran down the suspect and made the arrest.

Despite all the work he's done, Chief Carter said it's time to step back and take a rest. But he hopes his work doesn't lose momentum.

"I continue to want to help people. I'm proud of my record and I'm proud of what I've done. I just... I want to see it continue," said Carter.

Beulaville resident Iona Williams is sad to see Carter leave the Police Department. She remembers him from when he was in the first grade.

"He was so cute. He was a cute little boy. Of course he had to grow up and now he's going to be retiring," Williams said.

Carter said he'll still be involved in the Beulaville Police Department because of pending court cases. But in the meantime, he will be spending his retirement tending to his farms.

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