Bermuda soldiers have medical training with local Marines

Bermuda soldiers have medical training with local Marines

CAMP JOHNSON, ONSLOW COUNTY - About 12 soldiers from the Bermuda Regiment trained side-by-side with Camp Johnson Marines Tuesday to get a realistic experience of saving injured comrades.

They trained in the simulation center, pretending to treat fractures and stabilize live actors.

Private Jabar Tuzo-Smith was among the first to go through the course.

"It's intense and nerve-wracking," said Tuzo-Smith, a Bermuda Regiment soldier. "Obviously as fake as it is, as simulating as it is, it almost feels like a real life scenario."

The simulation center looks like a common area in the Middle East. It has thick fog and sounds of gunshots, explosions and shouting in a dark room. Several computer-controlled mannequins are also used for emergency response training. These mannequins can breath and talk, and those training with them can check their pulse and perform minor surgeries.

Building resilience through these scenarios is something that Lt. Cdr. Erik Hardy says helps military members keep emotions out, and remember their duties while deployed.

"Imagine yourself seeing your best friend you've been training with for the last six to eight months become injured in an IED blast," said Hardy, an academics officer for Camp Johnson's Field Medical Training Battalion East's Combat Simulation Laboratory. "So what we try to do is prepare them here, to combat-effective under these stressful environments."

Pvt. Philippe Froncioni feels prepared to deal with the stress.

"It could be your brother even, but you have to treat them as a mannequin like you've been working on and do the steps to save their life," said Froncioni, another Bermuda Regiment soldier.

They'll soon be ready to apply their skills back at home in Bermuda.

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