Bengel campaign files complaint against Outlaw

Bengel campaign files complaint against Outlaw (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - The North Carolina State Board of Elections is reviewing a complaint filed by Sabrina Bengel's campaign against Dana Outlaw's campaign.

Bengel and Outlaw are running for New Bern mayor.

Richard "Buddy" Bengel, Sabrina's son and campaign treasurer, filed a complaint dated Sept. 12 with the Craven County Board of Elections. Bengel's complaint lists issues including missing information on Outlaw's campaign finance reports, including missing job titles from campaign contributors.

The complaint says that the report "omissions [are] serious violations and I do not feel that my candidate can run a successful campaign if her opponents are not following the rules."

The formal complaint was received by the State Board of Elections on Sept. 26, a state official said.

Sabrina Bengel said the complaint is a matter of campaign equality.

"I think it's important that we be fair and follow the rules... rules are put out there for a purpose," she said.

A state reviewer has asked Outlaw to turn in additional campaign finance documentation; Outlaw is expected to turn in those documents Thursday or Friday.

Outlaw, reached by phone, said that the Bengel campaign is "nitpicking," and the complaint will have no material effect on his campaign.

"I almost think I was having to comply with the Bengel board of elections," Outlaw said.

"This is all a bunch of nothing," he said.

A state reviewer expects by next week to be able to make a decision regarding the sufficiency of Outlaw's information.

The election will be on Nov. 5.


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