Belhaven mayor calls for news conference

Vidant Pungo Battle Continues

BELHAVEN, BEAUFORT COUNTY - Belhaven Mayor Adam O'Neal called for a news conference today regarding the fight over Vidant Pungo Hospital.

On August 1, Belhaven approved a building permit for a new clinic run by Vidant Health.

However, on August 28, the town revoked that permit. Mayor O'Neal says that the location that Vidant officials picked for their 24-hour clinic, a nearly 20-acre lot on Old County Road, was unsuitable.

He said it was too close to a residential for a planned helipad, Vidant would use for emergency transport.

He accused Vidant of being disrespectful and called out Vidant Health CEO Dr. David Herman.

"Dr. Herman and the leadership at Vidant, they don't respect the people of Belhaven. They don't respect the zoning laws and they don't respect the process,"said O'Neal.

Vidant officials said in a statement Thursday that it chose the location because it would be within walking distance of many residents.

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