Beaufort County waits for storm Arthur

Beaufort County waits for storm Arthur

BEAUFORT COUNTY - Beaufort County has experienced a lot of weather disasters this past year, according to EMS officials.

In January the county experienced a record winter storm and in April, the county saw three tornados in one month-- a first in the county's history, according to officials.

Now the county is waiting to see if Arthur, the first named hurricane for the season, will threaten their area. If so, Arthur would make it the fourth natural disaster in 2014.

The county says these natural disasters are expensive, and strains county and city budgets.

"Everybody's budget is affected by what these natural occurrences do and nobody can really plan for them in your budget," said Beaufort County Coordinator, John Pack. He said officials sure

Officials hope Arthur sweeps through the county with little impact on the area. 

"To be honest I hope the storm continues to go out to sea and moves away from Beaufort county. Because that's what's best for Beaufort county and we've experienced enough difficulties when it comes to weather, we don't need to be tested once again," Pack said.

However, the county is preparing. Making sure their almost 500 person team is ready to respond to the 46,000 citizens in the area. The county has also prepared shelters across the county that can help house up to 2,300 people if needed. 

Arthur is also affecting July 4th plans in Beaufort County.

In Washington, officials have cancelled all events up until 6 p.m. At that time a concert and a fireworks show is expected to take place at the waterfront. 

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