Beaufort County family wins front yard makeover

Award-winning Busch Gardens landscaping crew creates foilage masterpiece

Beaufort County family wins front yard makeover

WASHINGTON, BEAUFORT COUNTY - Monday is Earth Day, when events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. One Beaufort County family is celebrating Earth Day with a free front yard makeover, courtesy of the award-winning Busch Gardens team from Virginia.

Tammy Bennett, who lives on Market Street in Washington, entered an online contest to win the makeover.

"I saw the contest on Facebook.  I thought that it was awesome so I entered," said Bennett.

Once the Bennett family became finalists, it was up to the Busch Gardens Facebook fans to choose the winner. The Bennetts won when they received more than 20,000 votes.

"I didn't believe it until Busch Gardens called and said, 'here's the deal,'" said Bennett.

Before the contest, the Bennetts' dream home looked more like a nightmare.  There were no trees., vines were crawling up the side of the house, and the bushes and shrubs were out of control, the family said.

The makeover plan includes plants and shrubs native to North Carolina.

"We have some Carolina Roses. We've got some other deciduous shrubs that we're putting in and there is also a nice fringe tree that's native to North Carolina that she'll definitely enjoy," said Erick Elliott, project manager for Busch Gardens.

The Bennett home will be the talk of the town with the award-winning group on the grounds.

"We've won the world's Most Beautiful Theme Park Award for landscaping for the past 22 years," said Elliott. " It's just an excellent opportunity for us to share what we do every day in a different setting."

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