Beaufort County Commissioners gun resolution passes

Beaufort County Commissioners call a special meeting on Friday

BEAUFORT COUNTY - Beaufort County commissioners pass a resolution, calling the president's executive orders to reduce gun violence, unconstitutional.

"I'm hoping the people of the United States will realize that and we can take out government back," said Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson.

A large crowd gathered this afternoon in downtown Washington to see Beaufort County Commissioners respond to the president's gun control plan.

"The people who came tonight showed that they are worried about our nation and they believe in the constitution and they want what it best not only for themselves but their children," said Commissioner Stan Deatherage.

At the meeting everyone was given a handout labeled, "the resolution to preserve and defend the constitution."

 No questions were taken at the end of the meeting but a vote was taken to adopt the resolution and support the right to bear arms.

 It was unanimous.

The motion was made by Commissioner Richardson and seconded by Commissioner Deatherage.

Vice Chairman Klemm and Commissioner Brinn also voted in favor.

Each Commissioner made a brief statement of why they believe this resolution should be passed.

"Majority of the board voted and it carries and it's legal and it's legitimate and it's going to go forward," said Commissioner Richardson.

He says it's the people's choice and not the officials on Capitol Hill.

"The constitution has been pushed to its limit and now we're getting in to the president wanting to use executive orders to go beyond the constitution to control the American people," said Commissioner Richardson.

One man traveled from Pamlico to attend this meeting and feels this resolution is the wrong way to bring about change.

 "One to not let the public speak, to rush this through. I think it's wrong to vilify the president. In fact I'm not a supporter of Obama but I do think that reasonable people will know that there needs to be some adjustments to keep guns out of the hands of nuts," said Tony Harp.

It was made very clear that this meeting is just the start of the commissioner's efforts.

The commissioners in favor of the resolution plan to send this it to all counties in North Carolina and push until it reaches Capitol Hill.

Only four commissioners attended the meeting.

Commissioner Langley, Belcher and Booth did not attend.


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