Beaufort County cleans ups after tornado

Beaufort County cleans ups after tornado

BEAUFORT COUNTY - All hands were on deck in Beaufort County on Monday, after a tornado swept through damaging communities in Belhaven and Pantego.

At last check, Belhaven Mayor Adam O'Neal said at least 13 people were in the emergency room in Belhaven as a result of the tornado.

Two of those people were a father and son, who were driving down Old County Road when the storm swept their car up, causing them to spin over a set of power lines. The storm then dropped them off in an empty field, said Mayor O'Neal.

Family members say the child was 9-years-old. Both the father and the son are expected to be all right.

Also on Old County Road a family is displaced after the roof was torn off. The family will be staying with neighbors, according to people who know them.

Just a few miles away in Pantago on Beech Ridge Road, multiple homes were damaged including a family of eight. A pregnant woman and her six kids were inside their home when the tornado came through, tearing their double wide to shreds. The husband was able to save his family by getting them out of the home and having them hide in a neighboring ditch.

Multiple crews responded to these incidents and many more across Beaufort County. Responders are working through the night to clean up the mess.

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