Beaufort Co. officials see low amount of applicants for tornado aid

Beaufort Co. officials see low amount of applicants for tornado aid

WASHINGTON, BEAUFORT COUNTY - About three weeks after tornadoes ripped through Beaufort County, officials are saying they're seeing low numbers of people applying for state aid.

About five days after the tornadoes, FEMA arrived in Beaufort County to assess the damage. They presented their findings to Governor McCrory, who then put a request for aid to the President. That request was denied. The Governor said he would not appeal, and residents could apply to receive state money.

Beaufort County officials set up at the health department to accept applications. However, they say as of 2 p.m. Saturday, only 30 people had applied.

NewsChannel 12 went to the health department to see how many people were there. Timmy Mayo, of Washington, was the only one.

"I got up to open my door, and when I opened my door, the door just flew right off the hinges, snatched right out of my hand," said Mayo.

His home had been damaged, and he had no insurance. Therefore, he was applying for aid.

"I've gone through, filled out all my paperwork and everything. Now I'm just waiting for the results," said Mayo.

Mayo, and other victims we spoke with, say they expect the results anywhere from a week to a month from now.

Officials think the low turnout may be a result of people being hesitant to apply for a loan. Officials say if the applicants don't qualify for a loan, they could receive grant money. If they are approved for the loan or grant money, they may only need to pay for building materials. Different agencies are on hand to supply the labor for those who qualify.

Officials say they will be open at the health department again on Monday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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