Be-Lo killer remains unidentified

June marks 20 years since the murders

WINDSOR, BERTIE COUNTY - It was June 6th, 1993 when six employees at the Be-Lo in Windsor were tied up before three of them were shot and killed. Two others were seriously injured. Today, the identity of the killer is still unknown.

"It was very gruesome, um, had a blood trail from the back all the way up to the front," said Bertie County Sheriff John Holley. One of Holley's relatives was one of the victims of the shooting.

Six employees was a high number to be inside the store at once. That night, they had closed early and extra help was called in to help strip the flooring. At 6:30, the gunman entered. Of the six employees, one came out unscathed. He described the murderer as a black male with medium complexion, about 6' to 6' 2", 170 to 200 lbs., with a slender build, military-style haircut, slanted eyes and a narrow nose bridge.

Residents and law enforcement officials vividly remember that day. "The lights from the news media was so bright, it looked daylight 'cause they was up in the air," said Windsor resident Vilean Mack. "And it looked like it was thousands of people that was standing around."

"Things like that you know you never forget, you never forget. It's the worst thing I've seen in approximately 31 years," said Sheriff Holley. "It was really bad. Even the guys that I talk with that have retired. It's on their minds just like it was yesterday also."

Investigators are hoping new technology can help them catch the killer. They've been following up on leads says Lieutenant Richard L. Morris of the Windsor Police Department,"we have recently received some of those leads and we're doin' the same thing. Checking into them just as thorough as we can." But they need the public to come forward with more information.

There is a $30 thousand dollar reward for any details leading to an arrest.

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