Ban on sex offenders from social networking to stay in effect

RALEIGH, WAKE COUNTY - The North Carolina Supreme Court has ordered a law banning sex offenders from using social networking websites to remain in effect, even though the Court of Appeals ruled earlier that the legislation is unjust.

The state law that bans convicted sex offenders from using social sites like Facebook and MySpace was supposed to end in September, because a three-judge panel ruled on Aug. 20 that the 2008 measure is vague and violates free speech.

But Attorney General Roy Cooper announced Friday that the law will remain in effect because he requested a stay, which will last while Cooper's office files a petition within the next few weeks to have the N.C. Supreme Court hear the case.

"We plan to ask the Supreme Court to review the case and uphold this tool that law enforcement and prosecutors can use to protect children," Cooper said.

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