Ayden Police: Gun fired in store fight, two gang members arrested

Ayden Police: Gun fired in store fight, two gang members arrested

AYDEN, PITT COUNTY - Police said two known gang members jumped another man inside an Ayden convenience store, and the fight led to gunfire.

Melvin Forbes, 32, of Greenville, and Omar Langley, 26, of Ayden, are both charged with attempted first-degree murder and simple assault. They are being held in the Pitt County Detention Center under $755,000 and $785,000 bonds.

According to Ayden Police, Forbes and Langley attacked another man inside the U.S. Mini-Mart on Lee Street Monday night.

"[The suspects] jumped on him, started beating him, and threw him through the front door of the business, and at that point, a shot was fired," said Ayden Police Chief Barry Stanley.       

Stanley said it was one of the suspects who pulled out a gun and fired at the victim, but the shot missed. The suspects and victim then ran off in different directions.

Ann Woodard lives right behind the convenience store. She said she was with her grandson when the fight erupted.

"Me and my grandson had just left the store. He's five, and we were sitting on my back porch right over there and they started shooting. So we got up and ran in the house," said Woodard.

Even closer to the fight was Delquan Farrow, who said he was right in front of the store when it all happened.

"I was just like standing over there. I saw the dude bust out the door and they were shooting at him," said Farrow.

Using surveillance video, police arrested Forbes and Langley. According to investigators, Forbes was found at a nearby home in Ayden and Langley was found at a home in Winterville .

The victim in Monday's fight suffered a cut hand and other injuries, police said.

In addition to the charges of attempted first-degree murder and simple assault, Langley faces several felony and misdemeanor drug charges. Police said they are investigating if the suspects were involved in other crimes in the area.

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