Autopsy results released on ECU student impaled by fence post

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Autopsy results have been released on the ECU student impaled and killed by a metal fence post.

According to the autopsy report, no alcohol was in the blood system of 21-year-old Jonathon Bennett, of Wilson, who died on April 24.

Greenville Police said Bennett and four friends, who had been drinking, were gathered in the woods behind University Manor Apartments, located on East Tenth Street. As they were returning to the apartment complex at about 1 a.m., Bennett was grabbing onto a branch above him while walking on a fallen tree below him, according to investigators. But the branch Bennett was holding gave way, causing him to fall about 10 feet.

Bennett landed on top of a waist-high metal post that was sticking out of the ground, impaling him from the lower left back to the upper right chest, police said. Detectives believed the ECU student likely died instantly.

According to ECU officials, Bennett started taking classes in fall, 2010. He was pursuing a B.S. degree in Geographic information Science and Technology.

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