Authorities to make decision on cockfighting charges

POSTED: 6:49 PM Jan 07 2014

New Bern Police will consult with the district attorney’s office Wednesday regarding whether cockfighting charges will be filed against a New Bern man.

Police executed a search warrant at Terril Byrd’s home in December.  Since then, authorities have been investigating the case.

Officers seized nearly 60 chickens, including both roosters and hens.

They also seized what they labeled as a rooster’s leather vest, training muffs, and syringes and antibiotics.

Muffs can be used so roosters can spar; the muffs render their claws less dangerous.

Byrd denies any wrongdoing.

He said he has a live-long love for chickens.

“They’re shows birds, I show them at the fair,” Byrd said.

He said the leather vest is actually a beer holster, the muffs are used for breeding, and the syringes and antibiotics are used to keep the birds’ feathers in show-like condition.

Cockfighting is a felony in North Carolina.  Even a spectator at a cockfighting event can be charged.